> Disclaimers

This is a personal website where you can find some projects and how-tos, mainly about electronics and also some experimental writings of more general topics.


On the top of the page there is the main menu. Projects are in > projects and experimental writings and thoughts are in > human ravings menu. Stuff about who am I is under >> about page; logistics like this page can be found under the… well you find it. Contents are mainly in english for global reading reasons, but can be written in italian too.

The content of this site is organized on purpose to keep separated practical/technical arguments from more personal and philosophy driven writings.

Feel free to contact me by leaving any comment, I’ll happily answer to questions/requests/suggestions.


  1. In this website you can find projects and writings. All of them are related to the way of thinking of the author and are not necessarily shared by any individuals or organizations.
  2. Trademarks reported here, written or in any media support, are of their respective trademark owners.
  3. Despite the efforts, the usefulness and accuracy of the content is not guaranteed.
  4. If you reuse the content of this blog, or whatever thing you devise by using/thanks to the contents of this site, remember to put at least a link back to the original source provided here or naming the author of this site and apply the same license on it. The CC license apply and for commercial uses you must contact me first.
  5. I have no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the informations provided, or for damages to people and/or objects.

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