NTC Measurements (Pt. 1)

When dealing with low-cost, home made termometers, the choice often fall on the NTCs. These sensors are resistors which are varying their resistance in function of the temperature, with a negative trend: Negative Temperature Coefficient is their name, also known as Thermistor. That means higher the temperature, lower the resistance: We observe that this cheap … Leggi tutto NTC Measurements (Pt. 1)


PWM and I2C libraries

I needed a flexible square waveform generator to test the behavior of a mosfet. I have in my hand a board with a PIC18 microcontroller (http://sangon.it/), so I wrote few lines of code for it. Of course, things are degenerated and I have been infected by the developer fever and is born the desire of … Leggi tutto PWM and I2C libraries