NTC Measurements (Pt. 2)

In the previous NTC Measurements article, was shown the basic approaches and few variations of them in order to use an NTC, by following the suggestions provided in the datasheet and taking the correct assumptions in all the temperature signal processing. These suggestions are usually not  provided,  because with a  bit of math a lot … Leggi tutto NTC Measurements (Pt. 2)


DS1307 RTC Emulator – The Arduino library

Things must come to an end. I decided to make a new library experiment, putting an ending mark to the DS1307 Real Time Clock hacking project, because the project was born as an encapsulation of a real RTC in a PIC microcontroller, wrapping an RTC hardware engine to emulate the DS1307; then a subsequent development on … Leggi tutto DS1307 RTC Emulator – The Arduino library

Lino Project

I am playing with LEDs for few month and during that time some little projects were born, but now I need a system to handle the logical part and the power distribution. I simply just can't use an Arduino board, or any other development board: I need a proper power handling embedded in a small space, … Leggi tutto Lino Project

Tiny, robust, low cost, fail-safe LED driver: the Glighter-S project

It has been a while since the last LED related article. Was experimented the linear current source, its pros and cons and the field of application. Now arises the need of a small version, handling the same high power, things that are contrapposed in the linear regulator. I need something that I can bring with … Leggi tutto Tiny, robust, low cost, fail-safe LED driver: the Glighter-S project