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Hi! Welcome to my blog, which is just a raw collection of my notes – for now.

Just to provide some context: I’m Enrico and I’m an italian born Electronic Engineer. I am sneaking around the world of embedded systems and electronics in general, but also all tech and social improvements. Trying always to tie passion to the job.

That interest in strange and complicated things is almost innate (the interest, not the knowledge). I can remember when I was only 3 or 4, asking something about how weird is that box saw from very close and how much light is emitting.
The mystery was a box called Television and those lights were the pixels of the CRT (did you still have one of those?). I don’t think it was so healthy watching ’90s CRTs so close. But that is for science. “Science isn’t about WHY. It’s about WHY NOT.“, as Cave Johnson said here. And now I wear glasses.

Anyway, growing up that electronic geek interest was still there and I went to a Polytechnic University in Turin. Between an exam and another, I discovered that there is a lot of stuff that I will never do at university or work, normally. The “purpose of life” of this blog is just to present what this stuff could be or bare notes about that: projects that inspire me, designs that came from heart and not from wallet, studies that make me feel satisfied. And if everything is made in a good way, maybe all of this translates in something that may become useful to someone. But the actual fuel to keep this blog active is its importance to remember me to finish what I started and to keep trace of my projects – to travel better through shades of my past.

I will avoid to say things like I wish to help the human knowledge, create innovation, work to make the world a better place, dying leaving a good improvement to the world etc etc, because I feel them as obviously needed. I like also talk about things that I can barely conceive… and this could also be a problem, I know. But after all, I’m the average guy, who tries to live by splitting his life between hobbies, friends, career and family. Unsuccessfully, of course, unsuccessfully, like an average guy who needs to compromise.

As a conclusion, I think that discussing things in a blog which is public, if someone is interested, ideas can grow up in a snow-ball fashion. At least in theory. At least this is how recent history taught.





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