PWM and I2C libraries

clangI needed a flexible square waveform generator to test the behavior of a mosfet. I have in my hand a board with a PIC18 microcontroller (, so I wrote few lines of code for it. Of course, things are degenerated and I have been infected by the developer fever and is born the desire of reuse them without always opening the data-sheet. So a barely complete set of runtime variables which can be used in the provided functions has been implemented, which can be useful in a general purpose environment; only the more improbable settings, according to my opinion, are kept static with the need of recompiling libraries, if are changed.

So, in GitHub button below there are functions for all the capture/compare modules of the PIC18F47J53, but are very similar if needed to be expanded for other PIC18/xx microcontrollers. I wrote them to be compatible with the XC8 (link) compiler. The source files are timers.c and capturecompare.c with their relative haders. pwm.h is particular since simply combines the previous sources in a more elegant way.
The use is pretty straightforward, requires only to know the allowable range of variables or the implemented defines. The compiler automatically implement in memory only the functions used, but if it is not the case, a proper set of #defines is adopted, one per hardware module present on the MCU. A good requirement is to know the block diagram of the module used, in order to see the correspondences with the software, and reading the README for everything else.

I’ve put also  the first version of the I2C, since I wrote them for the DS Emulator… why not writing them in order to be reused again?

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For sure I will implement the same libraries for the enhanced modules, which are still needed for my little dumb projects. Happy coding!



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